RHONY Recap Season 12 Episode 11: Goodbye, Tinsley Mortimer!


This is how the world ends, not with a crash, but with two moaning poodles dressed in pink tutus in the back of a van while their mother cooes: “We’re moving to Chicago, babies!” Most fans of the show who follow the Daily Mail on Instagram (admit it, most of you are!) knew Tinsley would be leaving mid-season to get engaged with boyfriend Skott King Koupon. I didn’t expect it to be like this.

Tinsley receives the full end-of-season treatment: a group scene, a tearful goodbye and a few lines of text on the screen sending him into the great abyss where no camera exists. Usually the red lights on these cameras are temporarily turned off, but Tinz has decided to venture into the snowy tundra of Chicago, a city so boring that Potomac and Salt Lake City have become Real housewives franchises before it. I mean, what is it in Chicago? Oprah? Hot dogs? Boys of blond frattes fed on corn who will amaze your neck while offering you a light beer at the bar? Wait. It suddenly doesn’t look like such a bad place.


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