Results of WWE SmackDown, recap, notes: Bray Wyatt returns to his roots while targeting Braun Strowman


If there was no doubt that the history between the champion, universal Braun Strowman and its former leader, Bray Wyatt, was not completed, it was cleared on SmackDown this week when Wyatt has expressed its intention to continue to stalk the champion clearly. Interestingly, this is not the personality “Fiend” of Wyatt, who has launched the next stage of the rivalry, but rather a blast from the past.Wyatt hosted the first edition of the “Firefly Fun House” since her defeat against Strowman at Money in the Bank in may. When Strowman has interrupted the segment and said that the history between the two was completed, Wyatt said that he had learned to resurrect the dead before the camera switches to Wyatt wearing his old equipment to the family, Wyatt. Wyatt then said to a Strowman clearly disturbed: “You know where to find me. Simply follow the buzzards”, adding another wrinkle to the story and to possibly hint at the direction things will take if the two meet at the extreme policies of July. view.

That is what happened on SmackDown? Check out the results, the summary and notes from an edition surprisingly strong for SmackDown below.

Recap of WWE SmackDown, grades

Matt Riddle defeats. AJ Styles via pinfall: The game was launched when Jedusor, making his official debut on SmackDown, he interrupted the celebration of the championship of the styles in the course of which he knocked down Daniel Bryan and the entire list of SmackDown. Before the match, Styles was interrupted by the announcement that the match was for the intercontinental championship, confirming that the title would not be in the game. Jedusor has led the fight directly to Styles with a series of suplexes. The two men were engaged in a fierce struggle before Jedusor is finally thrown out of the ring, and struck the king Corbin. Corbin pushed Jedusor, and the two began to chew while the show was going to be the advertising. This very good match ended when Jedusor has surprised Styles trying to break out of the rope to the top and hit BroDerek for his first victory.

It was an excellent match to open the show. Riddle and Styles are two of the best wrestlers of the list and they have almost perfectly gelled in the ring. Quality: B +

Jeff Hardy has spoken of his defeat against Sheamus at Backlash: Hardy said he was trying to change his life, but he felt like this for a long time, despite the beauty of his life. Hardy said he had lost a lot of matches, but Sheamus is a constant reminder of the things that he does not like in him. This has created a lot of negative thoughts, which led him to wonder if he has more or if he is a bad husband and father, but he knows how to catch up before this thought gets out of hand. He finished by saying that he had not yet finished. Later on in the series, Sheamus has admitted that things had become serious and that the lines had been crossed. He then said that Hardy saying he was a tyrant, had made him understand that, yes, he was a tyrant. And people like Hardy deserve to be intimidated, adding that next week, everyone will have to take a drink because it will have a toast to Jeff Hardy.

Shorty G def. Mojo Rawley via pinfall: Shorty G was interviewed before the match, highlighting how Rawley is greater. Rawley appeared behind him, making short jokes before Shorty turns around and strikes him. The match was fast enough with the dynamic power / technique as a goal. Shorty G has managed to score a small package for the fall and the victory. Quality: C

Sonya Deville has interrupted the place of Mandy Rose on “Miz TV:” John Morrison said that they had lost their championship game universal against Braun Strowman – when Miz broke a pin Morrison on Strowman – because the WWE has changed the rules at the last minute, so that only one of them could win the universal title, rather than become co-champions. The duo has said that no other sport does changing the rules at the last minute and they had to also worry about the fact that Otis cash the Money in the Bank contract at any time. A few moments after Rose was in the chair for his interview, Miz and Morrison have invited Sonya Deville in the ring. Deville said she was tired of seeing Rose get on tv night after night, as she had to sit in the back in the restoration. Deville said that Rose was doing nothing with his opportunities – not to win matches, and just deal with Otis at the edge of a swimming pool. Rose said that Deville is just mad because she is all alone, and this has prompted Deville to say that the only difference between them was the appearance of Pink that has earned him opportunities, unfair. Deville said she was going to rip Rose until his outside is as ugly as she is inside. The two then broke out into a fight before Deville pulls Miz in front of it and do not run. Miz grinned, and Rose slapped her before leaving. Deville became one of the promotions most consistent of all the list, and has still been great. Category B

The new day def. Lucha House Party via Pinfall: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura were shown backstage watching the match on the monitors while Bayley and Sasha Banks were in the comment. This was an excellent match with Lucha House Party which was much offended and the New Day had to make a return spectacular until they can finally take over and hit a Midnight Hour for the win. At the end of the match, Nakamura and Cesaro hit the ring and beat the champions of SmackDown, culminating with a swing of Cesaro in Kinshasa. Cesaro yelled at the team of commentators, saying that they had beaten New Day and that they were not at all presented in the show. Excellent wrestling match followed by a solid angle, while a very good episode in the ring of SmackDown continued. Quality: B +

Sasha Banks bat. Nikki Cross via pinfall: Earlier in the night, the women’s locker room of SmackDown was arguing about who was the next challenger of Bayley when Alexa Bliss was realized that Cross had disappeared. With Bayley and Banks on the commentary, Cross flew into the picture and attacked the two. After that Bliss has broken things, Cross has challenged Banks and Bayley has accepted the match for her friend. After a few back-and-forth in another strong game, Banks has hit a Meteora in a pin-on Cross to mark the victory, pulling again the victory after that Bayley has put in a delicate situation. Category B-

Braun Strowman was facing an old friend: Bray Wyatt began by saying that he had joined a book club, learned all the past actions of TikTok, mastered the art of resurrecting the dead and learned to knit and to infiltrate the fortress of reptile in the past weeks since we have seen. Ramblin ‘Rabbit is then interrupted and said that Wyatt had been sitting in a corner mumbling that he had lost against Braun Strowman at Money in the Bank. The music Strowman struck at this point, interrupting the segment. Strowman said that the history between the two was over, but Wyatt said that their chapter it may be finished, but he was not lying about the resurrection of the dead, and their story was only just beginning. The camera then turned to Wyatt in his former equipment of the family Wyatt, saying that they had to take a few steps back to where everything had started. “You know where to find me,” said Wyatt. “All you have to do is follow the buzzards. ”

Bring Wyatt to the “old school” was a key welcome instead of going directly to the output of the daemon to the next chapter of the rivalry. It will be interesting to see if the two fight at Extreme Rules with Wyatt in his old gimmick before The Fiend did this for SummerSlam. Category B


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