REPORTS: Dr DisRespect permanently banned from Twitch


One of Twitch Guy’s most popular streamers “Dr DisRespect” Beahm was reportedly banned on Friday. Earlier in March, Dr DisRespect signed an exclusive multi-year agreement with the streaming platform. Prominent Esports insider Rod Breslau announced the news on his Twitter account.

Twitch bans Dr. DisRespect

This comes days after Twitch made an announcement regarding the charges against the streamers. Twitch was in hot weather for not taking the action wanted by its community. Finally, on June 24, the streaming platform announced on its official blog that it would permanently ban the accused if he was found guilty.

After the announcement, several streamers were permanently banned from the platform, including popular names such as BlessRNG, Wolv21, WarwitchTV and IAmSp00n.

Twitch did not give an update on the Doc ban or specify the duration of the ban. They issued a rather confused statement regarding the matter.

Rod Breslau made another tweet about it. He may know the exact reason for the ban, but refused to leave it because of the sensitivity around the issue.

DMCA guidelines are not at issue

The exact reasons are still unknown. Some initially believed that the ban could be due to a violation of the DMCA guidelines. DMCA guidelines required streamers to remove any content that could be taken into account in order to infringe copyright infringements. However, Rod Breslau in a later tweet ended rumors that Dr. DisRespect’s ban is not based on a DMCA violation.

Subscribers reimbursed

Twitch began reimbursing Dr. DisRespect subscribers after the ban. Breslau also reported that the Discord partnership has also been terminated. He also shared an Instagram post from Doc’s wife, which appears to be a message to Doc fans.

Dr DisRespect has not yet commented

Dr. DisRespect had already been banned for around two weeks at Twitch in June 2019. During the E3 event that year, he broadcast live from the men’s bathroom, which led to the temporary ban.

The Doc had gained enormous success thanks to his charisma. He had more than four million subscribers on his Twitch account. The passage of Twitch is alarming for any potential streamer who has violated his directives. Banning someone of high stature in the community makes a huge statement in itself.

Dr. DisRespect has so far made no comments on the ban. Hopefully more details will be revealed in the coming hours.


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