Report: a player 49-year-old has a coronavirus, more than a dozen team-mates tested at training


A player of the 49ers who was training with a great group of teammates this week in Nashville has been tested positive for the coronavirus, the Network NFL reported Friday. The other players were tested Friday morning and expect to see results. There would have been at least 15 players in a position of competence taking part in the exercises in Nashville this week. Several of them, including the tight end George Kittle, the quarterback, C. J. Beathard and the receiver off Trent Taylor, spend the offseason in the region. The players who went to Tennessee remain in the state until they receive their test results.

The 49ers, in a news release, said they do not identify the player who has been tested positive, citing the applicable federal and state laws on confidentiality.

The group of players of Nashville included the four quarters: Beathard, Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Mullens and rookie Broc Rutter. Tuesday, the wide receiver Deebo Samuel was in need of medical care when he injured his foot during a training session. Samuel was operated on Thursday.

The positive test of a player from the 49ers is the first to appear among the professional sports teams of the Bay Area, and the most recent of many NFL players. This group includes the Cowboys, the rusher Ezekiel Elliott, the defender of the Broncos Von Miller, the keeper of the Broncos Kareem Jackson, the centre of the Rams Brian Allen and Saints head coach Sean Payton. The group includes an assistant coach of the Buccaneers are not identified and at least one member of the organization Chargers. On Monday, several members of the Cowboys and Texans were found to be positive.

The tests become positive during an offseason in which the NFL has canceled the team’s activities due to the pandemic could prefigure other problems that arise when teams reporting for training camp, which should begin by the end of July.

This week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the working group on the coronavirus of the White House, has expressed doubts as to the ability of the NFL to play this season. Fauci told CNN that he thought the NFL might need to follow the path of the NBA, which plans to move the entire league to Orlando and finish the season in a close environment of the quarantine.

“Unless the players are essentially in a bubble – isolated from the community and that they are tested almost every day – it would be very difficult to see how football can be played this fall,” said Fauci. “If there’s a second wave, which is certainly a possibility, and that would be complicated by the flu season is predictable, the football may not happen this year. ”

Several teams of college football that are recently back on campus for training volunteers have had outbreaks of coronavirus, with reports of 23 players positive at Clemson, 13 in Texas and eight in Kansas. Last week, Houston has been suspended from training after six players tested positive.


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