Ready for the virtual tour of France? Zwift update adds new routes for upcoming events


The “real” Tour de France may have been postponed until the end of August, but the Zwift virtual cycling platform has just been updated in preparation for a series of Tour de France events, starting on July 4 .Zwift has yet to confirm the race series, but Cyclingnews reported on the collaboration with ASO, the organizer of the Tour de France, earlier this month.

The Zwift update tells us what to expect. He adds seven routes in a new game world “France”, “between 12 and 37 miles (21-61 km) in length, with altitude gains of more than 3000 feet for certain routes (+ 1000m)”, according to the release notes published by the Zwift Team.

A Parisian environment has also been added. It offers a relatively flat 6.6 km course located in the city center.

Previous reports suggest that these hikes will include organized stages on Mont Ventoux, which is home to some of the most difficult climbs of the Tour de France.

Zwift’s calendar of events does not currently include race schedules. “Information about these worlds and how the Zwifters will access them will be released next week,” said Wes Salmon, senior game designer at Zwift.

Cyclingnews reports that the racing series will be broadcast on 10 television channels, covering 130 countries, and that at least 15 teams of riders will participate. Further details on how you can watch these races are not yet available, but Zwift events have recently been broadcast on the popular GCN and Sky Sports YouTube channel.

Do you want to try the routes yourself? They are likely to be available only as event races, and separate from broadcast races for professional cycling teams.

Ever heard of Zwift? It’s a virtual cycling and running platform, a game or a training tool depending on your approach. You see your pilot avatar and those of pilots from around the world, and the gaming world currently includes real routes defined in London, Innsbruck, Richmond (Virigina) and others.

To participate, you will need to connect your bike to a turbo-trainer, which tells Zwift the power provided by your pedals. A Zwift subscription costs $ 14.99 per month and a 7-day trial is available.


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