Reading stab wounds: Who are the victims?


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Three people died and three others injured in attack in Forbury Gardens

Three people died, and the city was left in mourning after a stabbing attack at the Reading on Saturday.

Police continue to question 25-year-old Khairi Saadallah, who was arrested under the Terrorism Act.

Was there a minute of silence earlier in the memory of those who lost their lives, but who are the victims?

So far, only two of the three people killed have been identified.

The teacher who took care of each student “

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James Furlong parents said he would “live forever in our hearts”

James Furlong, 36, was head of history and government and politics at L’Holt School in Wokingham.

His parents paid tribute to their “beautiful, intelligent, honest and fun” son and said that he “will live in our hearts forever”.

In a police statement, his parents and Janet Gary said, “He was the best, the son, the brother, the uncle and the partner you could wish for.

“We are grateful for the memories he gave us all. We will never forget him and he will live forever in our hearts. ”

School Catiche co-principals Anne Kennedy and Katie Pearce described Mr. Furlong as a “nice man.”

“He had a real sense of duty and cared for everyone and for each of our students,” they added.

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Floral tributes were paid outside the school where Mr. Furlong worked

The school, which held two minutes of silence that the bell went on Monday morning, said lessons would be canceled all day, with counselors available to staff and students.

“Words cannot describe shock and sadness at this time,” he said.

“Our thoughts are with his mom, dad, brother and family, and his friends and colleagues.

“He was a precious colleague and he will unfortunately be missed. ”

Mr. Furlong was a former student of St Francis Xavier College in Liverpool.

In a Facebook statement, the college said he was “devastated” by his death, adding, “Our prayers are with him and his family. “

The “brilliant and loving son of

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Joe Ritchie-Bennett, who was originally from Philadelphia in the United States

Joe Ritchie-Bennett was an American citizen who moved to the UK 15 years ago.

Her father Robert Ritchie told us CBS television network, the family was “heartbroken” and said that her son, who was from Philadelphia, was “bright and loving.”

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, Mr. Ritchie-Bennett first worked for a law firm in London after the UK was moved.

10 years ago, he joined a Dutch pharmaceutical company which has its headquarters in Reading.

Her brother, also called Robert, is a captain of the Philadelphia Police Force and said to the Investigator, “I love him. I still have. I still have. He was a good guy.

“We used to play together every day. We rode bikes everyday. Our family is heartbroken and next to ourselves. ”

Mr. Ritchie-Bennett father said, “I adore my son with all my heart and all my soul.

“We are in mourning and we are in the process of deciding what to do. It is 3,500 km. They’re still in isolation there with the coronavirus, and I don’t know what else to say. “


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