Reading stab wounds: Police launch investigation into the murder of three people killed


AThe witness described how the attacker stabbed people in the neck and put them on a group of 10 people.Laurent Wort, 20, a personal trainer from Chippenham, told the Press Association: “So the park was pretty full, a lot of people sitting around drinking with friends when a lonely person was walking through, suddenly shouted a few unintelligible words and went around a large group of about 10, trying to stab them.

“He stabbed three of them, severely in the neck and under the arms, and then turned and started running towards me, and we turned and started running.

“When he realized that he could not catch us, he tried to stab another group sat down, he had a person in the back, the neck and then, when he realized, everyone started to run, to run outside the park ”.


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