Ravens coach John Harbaugh says NFL reopening rules “humanly impossible”


In this October 6, 2019 archive photo, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh leads his team during an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh.

Don Wright / The Associated Press

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh is not a fan of the NFL’s new guidelines for reopening training facilities, which he called “humanly impossible” on Thursday.

The mandates provide for a physical distance in the changing rooms as well as in the weights and meeting rooms.

“I have seen all the notes on this, and to be honest with you, it is impossible what they ask us to do. Humanly impossible, “said Harbaugh in an interview with Baltimore 105.7 The Fan. “So let’s do everything we can.” We’re going into space, we’re going to have masks. But, you know, it’s a communication sport. We need to be able to communicate with each other in person. We have to practice. ”

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The field part of the process is certainly of concern to Harbaugh, who has trouble seeing how things can work during training camp.

“I’m pretty sure the group won’t be 6 feet apart,” Harbaugh told the station. “Are you guys going to shower all day all at once?” Are you guys going to lift weights one by one all day? These are things that the league and (the players’ association) must master and must get along with some common sense so that we can function in a 13 hour day in a training camp that they give us and do our job.

“It’s the only thing, you can tell by my voice, I’m a little frustrated with what I hear over there. And I think they need to understand this better. “

Harbaugh said the Ravens will follow the rules, despite the flaws he sees.

“I think good people, smart people are involved in this,” said Harbaugh. “But the way I read these memos right now, you raise your hands and say to yourself” What is that? There is no way that this is correct. »»

Harbaugh added that he hopes the other 31 teams will also follow the directions.

“As a coach, you don’t want to hear that you limit your operations until your team is prepared, then you hear that 10 other teams don’t pay attention to the rules and there is no consequence for that” , Harbaugh told me. “So they have an advantage over you.” This is what I don’t want to see. I just think it has to be fair and it has to be reasonable, and I think they will find a way to do it. ”


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