Randy Orton joins Edge In Mocking WWE “Greatest Match Ever” Hype



As previously stated, Edge was critical of the WWE “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” hype before this weekend’s Backlash pay-per-view.

Now it seems Randy Orton is joining the party.

Randy tweeted out that fans had only two days to wait before they knew if the two men could live up to billing or ” sh’t the bed« . Not to be outdone, Edge sounded and joined his rival by making even more mockery of the WWE’s ridiculous claim that a fight that has not yet taken place is already the best in history.

He sarcasticly tweeted, ” I just made the biggest poison rana out of a van to an armadillo ever. #Backlash then followed up with another zinger who said, ” Just had the BIG PLUS CONVERSATION NEVER with my daughters on deck and watched the sunrise (this one is true;)« .

Even Edge and Orton seem to know they are against it. Either that or they are secretly satisfied with what they produced (the fight was pre-recorded before Sunday’s show) and want troll fans before they see it.

Living to the hype was always going to be impossible.


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