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Tony Avelar / Associated Press

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay asked how the teams will maintain social distance protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic while playing the 2020 NFL season, per Ben fischer of Sports Business Journal.

“We are going social distance, but we play football? McVay said. “It’s really hard for me to understand all of this. I didn’t get it. I really don’t. “

McVay’s comments come 10 days after the NFL and NFLPA released a list of protocols players must follow when they return to team facilities.

These guidelines include maintaining six feet of separation from everyone at all times during installation, including locker rooms.

Clubs were given the mandate to “reconfigure” locker rooms to make it easier for the six-foot ruler to follow.

The practicality protocol has received some criticism, with the Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh saying that entirely following them is “humanly impossible,” by Nick Shaken of NFL.com.

Dr. Allen Thresholds, the chief medical officer’s league, said on Wednesday that the protocols are still being worked on and that he said concerned teams ” they do not feel normal because it is not normal “, by Secoua.

McVay remarks also dropped after Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, spoke to CNN Sanjay Gupta about the feasibility of holding the NFL 2020 vision season during the pandemic:

“Unless the players are essentially in an isolated bubble in the community, and they are tested almost every day— it would be very difficult to see how football is capable of being played this fall. If there is a second wave, which is certainly a possibility, and which would be complicated by the predictable flu season, football cannot happen this year. “

Supporting is against an idea bubble.

“We don’t think it is possible or appropriate to build a bubble,” Supports, said Wednesday, via Tom pelissero from the NFL Network. “Anyone with a positive test will be isolated until this medical point of view to return. “

He also released a statement Thursday in response to Dr. Fauci, by Pelissero:

The Rams and Los Angeles Chargers will be the subjects of this year The Hard Hits of the series on HBO, by ESPN Lindsey Thiry. Both teams will play their first year in SoFi Stade for the coming season.

The Rams will be the first team to host a regular season game there with the Dallas Cowboys coming to town for Sunday Evening Football on Sept. 13.


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