RadMission unveiled as the most affordable on the Rad Power Bikes e-bike ever


Rad Power Bikes has just announced the RadMission electric bike. This single-speed electric commuter bike is officially the most affordable e-bike ever offered by the brand.As the biggest electric bike company in the united states, based in Seattle, Rad Power Bikes commands a large part of the value-oriented e-bike market.

And while the Rad to the Power of the current Bikes range includes e-bikes priced from $1 199 to$ 1,599, now the company is solidifying its dominance with the new $999 RadMission electric bike.

The RadMission at a speed of e-bike with 500W rear motor (250W in the EU) with a 50 Nm of torque.

The engine propels the bike up to the Class 2-speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) with pedal assist or throttle.

The power comes from a removable 48V and 10.5 Ah Li-ion battery with 504Wh capacity. Rad Power Bikes tells us that the 7 lb (3 kg) battery holds enough energy for travel between 25 to 45 miles (40-72 km) on a single charge.

That would put him in line with the rest of Rad Power Bikes e-bike of the range, although the range of course depends on a number of factors and can be very variable.

The RadMission e-bike weighs 48 lb (21.8 kg), and is approximately 15 lb (7 kg) lighter than the most Rad Power Bikes other e-bikes.

The RadMission also has narrower tires than most of the Rad to the Power of the Bikes in other models, offering less rolling resistance and the imitation of a ride closer to the standard pedal bicycles.

RadMission e-bike Rad Power Bikes

In fact, that seems to be the market of the Rad Power bikes is targeting commuters who prefer an e-bike that is closer in line with less city bikes, but it still has the advantage of an electric motor pedal assist or gas-improvement of the riding. The RadMission comes in two frame sizes, with a high frame-by-frame to accommodate riders up to 6’5″ (195.5 cm) and a mid-step frame for riders up to 5’2″ (157.5 cm).

The RadMission is already available for pre-order now for a price of US$999. In Canada, the RadMission is at a price of CAD$1,399, while the Europeans can get their hands on a maximum of €1,099.

It seems that the Rad Power Bikes goal with the RadMission is to produce the ultimate entry-level commuter e-bike. In fact, Rad Power Bikes founder and chief executive officer Mike Radenbaugh was actually the journey one of the first (heavily camouflaged) RadMission prototypes for the last three months.

As he explains in his own words:

I’m never gonna stop ride on this. It handles just like the bikes I used to ride as a kid. The wheels are more narrow to help with this feeling, that’s for sure. But there is something else, it just shreds.

And Mike believes that this could be the secret of the RadMission success, to be able to get more riders on e-bikes. As he continued:

I am really hoping that this could be the first e-bike for people who are just waking up to the fact that they did not need a car to survive more. Bikes like these can get you from Point A to Point B, reduce emissions, save money on gas, and, finally, to change the entire transportation of game.

RadMission e-bike Rad Power Bikes

Electrek to Take

Well, I certainly didn’t see this coming. But I’m happy as a king.

As much as I love the Rad to the Power Cycling of the current range, the company is not known for light bikes. All their models are a little more in this direction. But at 48 lbs, the RadMission will certainly be easier to carry up a flight of stairs or a lift on a wagon.

More importantly, check out this price. By entering the market with less than 1 000$, the RadMission is in motion Rad Power Bikes right down in the budget of the e-bike territory.

So, how have they done? From what I can tell the areas where the Rad Power Bikes to reduce costs seem to be in the single-speed nature of the bike, the smaller battery (504 watt hours vs 674 Wh), a little less powerful motor (500W vs. 750W) and the lack of a suspension fork. You get LED lights, but it seems that the wings will not cost you extra. But with the Rad Power Bikes of a wide range of custom accessories, most of the people I talk to at the end to pick up some accessories, anyway.

For a city bike, but I think they were all wise choices that helped Rad Power Bikes to maintain the basic functions of the trademark, while offering a killer price.

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