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The Queen will be seen at her first official outdoor event since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, while a small military parade is held to mark her official birthday.

A short ceremonial event will take place on Saturday within the grounds of Windsor Castle after Trooping The Color, which was to have taken place, had to be canceled due to restrictions introduced due to COVID-19[female[feminine.

Usually thousands of people gather along the shopping center and in front of Buckingham Palace to watch the military parade and see members of the royal family as they travel in a horse-drawn carriage, before appearing together on the balcony.

The display normally involves 1,400 marching soldiers, 200 horses, 400 musicians and culminates in an air parade over the palace

Instead, a brief military ceremony will take place within the grounds of Windsor Castle, performed by a detachment of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, the color of which was to be worn this year during the Queen’s Horseback Parade.

The Welsh Guards are currently stationed at Windsor Castle. The soldiers and the band from the Household Division had to learn new ceremonial movements to make sure they were at least two meters apart.

The celebrations will take place inside Windsor Castle

Trooping The Color marks the monarch’s official birthday for more than 260 years. The tradition was started by King George II, whose birthday was in November. Because the weather was not very good at this time of year, he decided to combine an official birthday parade with an annual military parade in the summer.

The palace discourages people from traveling to Windsor this weekend due to social isolation restrictions.

Members of the public will not see any military parade as it will take place inside the castle grounds.

The Queen has been at Windsor Castle throughout the pandemic, with her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, who celebrated her 99th birthday last Wednesday.

May: Queen’s Day birthday message

A new photo of the couple was released to mark the occasion.

Her Majesty has not been seen at any official event since the start of the lockdown, but this week participated in her first official video call, with her daughter Princess Anne, speaking to caregivers across the country to celebrate their efforts.

Her Majesty recorded two television messages for the nation during the pandemic, but both were filmed under strict restrictions to protect it from the virus.

She was photographed two weeks ago riding a pony in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Analysis by Alistair Bruce, royal commentator

This year was to be the Welsh Guards’ turn to “color” their color in front of the Queen at Horse Guards Parade, as the culmination of Her Majesty’s official birthday.

Like everything else in our lives, this couldn’t go on. The coronavirus has changed everything.

Vulnerable people in society are kept isolated. This includes the Queen, who turned 94 on her last birthday on April 21.

As head of state from more than 16 nations, she lives at Windsor Castle in what is described as HMS Bubble with the Duke of Edinburgh, who entered his 100th year this week.

Every day, his cleaning troops monitor his security in a real and ceremonial way.

For the first time in 68 years of reign, these soldiers will offer the simplest tribute. The sign, which stands guard over the castle, will wear the color of the queen in front of her soldiers and lower it in honor of Her Majesty.

Guard David “Griffiths 68” is the tallest soldier in this parade at 6 feet 4 inches and wearing size 12 boots.

From Bangor, in North Wales, he said that before preparing for this ceremony “we tested NHS members and the general public for COVID-19… and learning to walk with social distancing was difficult, but we solved it. ”

Color is the symbolic and consecrated flag that represents the soul, history and service of a regiment. He is “in troops” so that the soldiers identify their emblem and know where it is kept to protect it in case of danger.

To mark this, the color will be held with the caretaker at Windsor Castle overnight after this unique ceremony.

Another first for the history of the guards.


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