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As the country continues to take interim measures in order to facilitate the locking action, the Queen, has commended the spirit of generosity shown by several companies over the last few months. In a rare statement, the monarch said: “many organizations across the country are reopening, I send my most sincere best wishes and support to the business communities throughout the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and around the world.

“At a time of great difficulty for many, it is heartening to see the civic with the response and the generosity of many companies, large and small, the challenges, either by supporting the health sector or in vulnerable communities. “Speaking as the boss of the British Chambers of Commerce, Queen’s, added: “As the Boss of the British Chambers of Commerce, it is for me a great pride to see the contribution that you and your members to support the businesses, champion of the trade and the reconstruction of communities.

“I would like to wish all businesses every success in their efforts during these weeks and months to come. “

The Queen issued a rare statement of companies across the country are re-opening (Image: GETTY)

This message of support to the companies, which have struggled to keep afloat during the week-long lockout, which has forced the closure to stop the spread of COVID-19, comes a few days after that all non-essential shops that are able to guarantee security measures in their premises were allowed to reopen.

On Monday, thousands of shoppers flocked to the High Streets to shop for clothes, accessories and more non-essential items that they have been able to find only online for the past 11 weeks.

Stores that have reopened must ensure two meters of distance between the customers and an increase in the level of hygiene.

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Many stores also have installed plastic screens at the box office and marking the ground to keep the buyers out.

The Queen’s statement also comes at a ” great moment for the country “, as the Common Biosecurity Centre should reduce in the united KINGDOM coronavirus alert level from 4 to 3.

The chief medical officers for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, said: “There has been a steady decline in cases we have seen in all of the four nations, and it continues. ”


However, they have warned the pandemic is not yet completed, and it is likely that local outbreaks will occur.

They added: “We have made progress against the virus thanks to the efforts of the population and we need the public to continue to follow the guidelines carefully to ensure that this progress continues “.

Health secretary Matt Hancock has celebrated this “great moment” by saying: “The Infection rates are dropping fast, we have protected the NHS and, thanks to the hard work of millions of people in our health and social services, we are the country back on its feet. ”

The Queen was not the only member of the Royal Family to talk about businesses and the difficulties created by the sars coronavirus pandemic.

Prince Charles has created the prince’s Trust in 1976 to help vulnerable youth get on the right track, warned earlier this week of “potentially devastating” impact of coronavirus on the young generations.

Urging them to act now to ” avoid that the crisis will define the outlook of a generation “, the prince said: “In times of economic difficulties, it is often the young who are hit the hardest and we know that a lot of less than twenty-five years of work in sectors such as hospitality and tourism, which have suffered most from this crisis.

“We also know that the difficulties encountered by a disrupted education, loss of entry level jobs and increase in unemployment.

“It is a real challenge to succeed in the midst of chaos and economic disorder.

“But this is why my confidence has been put in place, to help people to a better future. ”

Prince Charles has actively worked with his organization to help young people.

The Prince of Wales’ Trust has launched a “Hired Jobs Council” to help match young jobseekers with employers.

The Trust has also created “Coronavirus Support center” to provide advice and resources for young people.


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