Queen Elizabeth makes public appearance for Trooping of the Colour


Happy 94th birthday, Queen Elizabeth!The Queen participated in a public event for the first time since the coronavirus was locked out to celebrate her birthday.

On Saturday, the head of the Royal Family participated in a remote social version of the trooping ceremony of the Colour at Windsor Castle on his special day, which took place on April 21.

Normally, the Trooping of the Colour includes a military parade, then a Windsor family rally on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to see a flypast, according to People. Instead, a small group of 20 members of the 1st Welsh Guards Battalion conducted military exercises on the castle lawn. The soldiers stood six feet apart, instead of their usual shoulder-to-shoulder training. The queen watched the ceremony from afar, with her family in tow.

The festivities were organized together in just two weeks. It is the first time they have been held outside Buckingham Palace in the reign of Elizabeth 68, reports The Telegraph.

Despite her solo status, the monarch was pleased with the honour. The photos show the long-standing ruler smiling wide, all dressed in a blue coat and matching hat.


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