Quarantine for the British in Greece, even if your test is negative


BRitual vacationers will be subject to quarantine upon arrival in Greece, unless they have traveled from certain British airports.

Greek Minister of Tourism Harry Theoharis said this morning that restrictions on people arriving from most UK airports would make holidays in Greece “difficult”.

Anyone traveling to Greece from an airport considered by the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to be a ‘high risk of Covid-19 transmission’ area will face a coronavirus test and to a compulsory quarantine of at least seven days, whatever the result. This includes the main hubs of Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester airports.

However, some UK airports, including Bristol, Edinburgh and London Southend, are not on the EASA list.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today show this morning, Theoharis explained how the quarantine system will work. “For the rest of the airports, the tests are mandatory and for one day, you wait for the test results.

“If this is a negative result, it is in fact a self-imposed quarantine of seven days, but you can continue to your destination.

“If, however, it is a positive result, then it is a supervised quarantine for more than seven days. He added, “It means there is a downside in the early days.

“That’s why it’s not going to be for the masses. This should mean that you have more time. “

Greece was forced to face the risks of a revival in international tourism yesterday after authorities discovered that 12 of the 91 passengers on a Qatar Airlines flight to Athens had tested positive for Covid- 19.

The Greek Ministry of Civil Protection responded by suspending all flights to and from Qatar until June 15, and quarantined the 91 passengers on the flight.

“We knew there would be such cases. We have seen what can happen this summer, ”said infectious disease expert Professor Nikolaos Sipsas.

” Safest [thing] would not be opening up to tourism but it would mean enormous economic destruction, “said Sipsas. “The first thing we have to do is divide the countries of origin into [categories]. This creates some diplomatic pressure, but for us, the first priority is public health. “

Currently, anyone arriving in the UK (including returning holidaymakers) after June 8 will be subject to a 14 day quarantine. The FCO does not recommend any trip except essential.

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