Pubs for fast-track serving in beer gardens and all-day Sunday shops, under No10 plans – The Sun


PUBS will be accelerated to serve in beer gardens and stores could be open all day on Sunday as part of new government plans.

The ministers want to facilitate the adaptation of pubs because the coronavirus lockout has been relaxed and will give owners more freedom to serve thirsty punters outside.


Pubs will be accelerated to serve in beer gardens as part of new government plansCredit: PA: Press Association

Pubs and bars have been closed since March, but Boris Johnson plans to reopen them sometime this month.

The breweries would aim to produce a gigantic 250 million pints and deliver them in just two weeks.

No10 wants to cut red tape as much as possible to help the hospitality and retail sectors severely affected by the foreclosure.

Under the new plans, local government fees will be waived for cafes and restaurants wishing to sit outside.


Sunday trade laws could also be suspended for a year as part of Johnson’s plan to get Britain back to business, the Times reports.

Supermarkets will be allowed to open more than six hours on Sundays, under legislation being drafted by No. 10.

Chains with smaller convenience stores would be unhappy with the proposals, but others, including Asda and Morrisons, would be enthusiastic.

Prime Minister Dominic Cummings, his senior adviser and Chancellor Rishi Sunak support all plans.

However, not all party members are in favor, along with Mark Spencer, the chief whip, fearing that he might be fought by a large group of traditionalist Conservative MPs.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to abandon plans to extend trading hours on Sunday in 2016 after suffering a humiliating defeat in the House of Commons that saw 27 Conservatives join forces with opposition parties .

Johnson is preparing a package of measures as Britain breaks free from the foreclosure, including a “Great Recovery Bill”.

The PM asked ministers to come up with ideas to help businesses adjust to the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the same time, government officials have also been tasked with ensuring that there are different ways in which key services can operate in the context of social distancing, reports the Daily Mail.

Johnson’s plan could include planning reforms – ministers are convinced that new housing, new roads and broadband are essential for the country to rebound.

A government source said, “Departments are asked to identify the elements they need to maintain services, but also the changes that would free up the economy and revive business once we start to open up.

“The idea is to consolidate them into one big bill that helps kick-start the recovery.”


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