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The pubs urged the government to clarify “half-baked” plans to reopen beer gardens, in a confusion over whether some will be allowed to serve drinks before the end of the month.A group of ministers dubbed “Save Summer Six” would consider proposals to allow beer gardens in England to accommodate drinkers as early as June 22 as part of an effort to avoid job losses of 3.5 million in the struggling hotel sector.

But publicans, brewers, and the commercial pubs industry said it would be difficult for many to be ready in less than three weeks and called for certainty about the government’s timetable.

“We have always wanted to reopen pubs in our country safely and securely as soon as possible, but we urgently need a clear decision on whether we can reopen pub beer gardens early,” said Emma McClarkin, Managing Director of British Beer & Pub. Association (BBPA).

The trade organization, which represents the UK’s largest ad companies, has already warned that 40% of the UK’s 47,000 pubs may close permanently due to lockout restrictions.

He wants the government to allow all pubs to open from July 4, the date initially proposed by the government as the closest possible opportunity, and he also said that the 27,000 British pubs with outdoor space should be the first to be able to open. their doors. .

But he said that a sudden acceleration of the plans would make many pubs unable to restock draft beer and put in place security measures quickly enough, with at least three weeks required.

Proposals to allow beer gardens to open from June 22 were first reported on Sunday evening in the Financial Times, which quoted three Whitehall officials. The government has since refused to confirm whether the earlier date was under consideration.

A spokesman for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said that officials “were working at a brisk pace to develop safe facilities for pubs, restaurants, bars and cafes in reopen at the first opportunity, it is safe to do so ”.

Ministers are expected to discuss proposals at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, including potentially reducing physical distance requirements to 1 meter from 2 meters.

Greg Mulholland, a former MP who chairs the British Pubs Confederation, said the government’s plans seemed “half-cooked”, warning that the lack of clarity could prevent pubs from being ready in the short term.

He also expressed concern that ad companies would use June 22 as an excuse to charge rent for troubled tenants, even if the rules of distancing made it impossible to open them.

JD Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin said opening certain pubs would at least give some confidence that the industry will return to normal.


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