PS5 is huge, according to Internet detectives


Sony has finally shown what the PlayStation 5 will look like, but there is a very big question about the design that is still unclear: how large is PlayStation 5?

We’ll probably have to wait for Sony to give the official dimensions (or show the physical box next to something else for the scale) of the controversial design to be sure, but that doesn’t stop Internet fans from making their best to estimate things. And based on early assumptions, the PS5 is going to be huge – perhaps even the largest consumer console in years.

The image below, created by the user of Reddit u / GREBO7, shows an estimate of how the PS5 compares to other recent Xbox and PlayStation consoles, including the upcoming Xbox Series X. Notably, the Playstation 5 is incredibly tall, with an estimate of the ResetEra thread over 14 inches tall. And while it is thinner than the Xbox Series X, like a refrigerator, it’s hard to deny that the PS5 is still huge enough, even when compared to the infamous consoles like the original PS3 and Xbox One.

And while Sony plans to offer a thinner version of the PS5 that doesn’t have a disc drive, even this model is still massive compared to the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, as a mock-up of HDTVtestAdam Fairclough on Twitter watch, via Polygon.

The estimates that fans have made so far are based on a comparison of the sizes of the USB-A ports and disk drives – two physical elements shown on the PS5 – to other consoles (of which we have the dimensions), and the size scale from there. Sony’s console may be smaller than these models show, since USB-A ports and Blu-ray discs are standard sizes. But unless those marketing images from Sony are wildly incorrect, they’re probably pretty good approximations of what to expect this fall.

In other words, you may want to start freeing up space on your TV stand.



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