Protesters from Hong Kong fled to Taiwan to continue the chinese resistance | world News


After fleeing to Taiwan from the front lines of the protests in Hong Kong, Ben has suffered a re-occurring nightmare for months: he dreamed that his fellow protesters were tortured by the police, but he couldn’t help.Ten months after he sought refuge in Taiwan, his sense of helplessness is assuaged and his fighting spirit is back. It is one of dozens of former hong Kong that find ways to resist to Beijing from Taiwan.

Since October, Taiwan has quietly allowed dozens of protesters to stay on the island, and it now offers support for hong Kong to make when Beijing imposes new law on national security. Beijing says that the law against subversion is necessary to deal with the unrest with anti-government widespread in Hong Kong, but critics say that this is the last nail in the coffin of the demise of the freedoms of the former british colony.


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