Princess Andre dishes on her first date as Father Peter fears she will grow up


Princess Andre left Dad Peter in shock when she announced plans for her first date. The daughter of Katie Price and Peter Andre will turn 13 on June 29.

And Peter admitted that his daughter becoming a teenager left him terrified.

And the Mysterious Girl singer was clearly blown away when her little girl told her she wanted to meet a boy.

Peter, who also shares Junior, 14, with ex Katie and her children Amelia, six, and Theo, three, with his wife Emily, was with the comforted sight of being included in his date plan.

In his new online reality show Life With The Andres, Peter says to the camera: “You know, the relationship with the princess is fantastic. She’s such a good girl, she’s very nice, she’s sweet, she’s great with kids.

Princess is growing fast

The scene cuts to the princess in the garden, who enthusiastically announces: “I’m going to be a teenager, guys.”

Peter continues: “She’s going to be a 13-year-old soon, and it stresses me out, it really stresses me out.”

Back in the garden, Peter tells his daughter that he wants to ask her a question while she sits with her phone in her hands and feet on the table.

She will be 13 years later this month

She cut him off, telling him he wanted to meet a boy named Dylan.

“I want to find Dylan,” she tells her father. “But you can come.

“And his parents will also come so you can talk.”

Princess said Peter can join her on her first date

A shocked Peter says, “Hang on, woah, we’re going to reverse it a bit. Do you want to find Dylan? You just want to throw this at me like that?

Princess looks a little shy, and her father continues: “You’re damn right, I’m going to go, and so are her parents.”

“Yes, her parents are,” Princess says. “You can talk.”

“We’re going to talk well,” Peter tells him.

In a confessional confessional to the camera, Peter says: “I want to make sure she feels she can talk to me about anything.

“All the things I thought I’d freak out, like she likes boys and stuff like that, thought that used to freak me out, but when it’s your own child and you see it as more of an innocent thing then you agree with it, well I agree with it.”


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