Prince William and Kate Middleton asked Meghan and Harry for advice on the Tatler affair?


Prince William and Kate Middleton asked Meghan and Harry for advice on the Tatler affair?

Kate Middleton could take the same path as Meghan Markle by launching a legal war with the British press for inaccuracies in the reports.

And now many royal fans seem to wonder if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got help from Meghan and Harry before pointing their guns at British magazine Tatler.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear to be standard-bearers of change in the royal family as they fought to change policies against media intrusion, but they may have failed in regards to themselves .

Talk to Vanity Fair, reporter Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said, “If the Queen had once said in her own way,” Hey guys, this is my grandson and his wife. They just got married. Back off and let them build a life, “the dogs would have backed down. But she never did. And she still hasn’t. I find it unforgivable, actually, because she has the power. They absolutely adore him in this country. “

He is now a reporter that reconciliation between the brothers may have been the cause of this, as Katie Nicholl said earlier Entertainment tonight: “There have clearly been quite significant differences in this relationship, but things have improved and I know that William and Harry are in telephone contact. They made video calls together, they did a lot of family birthdays and I think Prince Charles is not doing well, which really forced the brothers to pick up and get back in touch. “

While it is not confirmed whether the Sussex pair really helped the Cambridges, we can assume that Kate had the courage to fight for herself by watching Meghan take the bold first step against the four British tabloids.


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