Prince Philip, patriarch of the British royal family, is 99 years old


Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth for more than seven decades, is celebrating his 99th birthday on Wednesday, although there is little public fanfare to mark the occasion.

Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, will spend the day in private at Windsor Castle, west of London, where he and the 94-year-old monarch stayed during the British coronavirus shutdown.

This means that the rest of the royal family will have to send them their best wishes by video call.

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“I haven’t seen my father for a long time. He will be 99 years old next week, “Crown Prince Crown Prince Charles and the eldest of four children told Sky News last week. “Facetime is great … You really want to hug people. “

Members of the royal family make little fuss about their birthdays in public, but this year the celebrations have been even more discreet.

Traditionally, the prince’s birthday was celebrated with gun salutes in London, but with banned social gatherings, the queen felt it would be inappropriate for such royal ceremonies to take place and set aside such tributes for her own birthday in April for the first time in his 68 -reign of the year.

However, Buckingham Palace has released a new photo of the royal couple to celebrate Philip’s birthday, taken last week in the area of ​​Windsor Castle.

Philip, a former naval officer known for his sometimes abrupt manners and occasional verbal blunders, married Princess Elizabeth then in 1947, five years before becoming queen. He is now by far the oldest consort of any British monarch.

He resigned from royal office in August 2017 after completing more than 22,000 solo engagements, but in recent years has been seen more and more rarely in public.

However, he broke the silence of his retirement in April to publish a statement thanking those involved in the fight against COVID-19.


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