Prince Harry ‘ to be helped in life in Los Angeles by a friend of the princess Diana Liza Minnelli


Prince Harry is beginning to find its feet in Los Angeles after having been taken under the wing of Liza Minnelli, according to reports.The british king of 35 years, his wife Meghan, 38 years old, the duchess of Sussex, and their son Archie, aged one year, have moved to California earlier this year.

But install would have been a bit bumpy for the prince british – and not helped by the epidemic of coronavirus send citizens in the weeks lock after the family settled in Los Angeles.

However, Harry is said to be closer and closer to 74-year-old Liza, who was a friend of his mother, the late princess Diana.

Liza Minnelli is said to help Harry adjust to life in Los Angeles

A source told the Sun: “Harry has found the transition from the Uk to Los Angeles very difficult at times, and the lock has not yet helped to establish.

“liza held out a hand because she was close to Diana and offered his support. She has to deal with paparazzi for years, and knows the game of celebrity.

“obviously, Meghan comes from a theatre environment, so it has been great for the three of them. “

Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, and Liza Minnelli at the Langham Hilton Hotel, 1991, in London

Princess Diana and Liza were suspected of having a friendship in the 1990s, the couple met after a concert of the american star in the United Kingdom.

The ladies were snapped enjoying drinks together at the hotel Langham in London in 1991

Liza has already discussed his friendship with Diana in Hello! magazine, revealing: “I have had the chance to count princess Di as a friend.

“I was presented for the first time when she came backstage after a concert I gave in London. Then, we face with raw materials or at events where she would be the guest of honour.

Prince Harry has moved to Los Angeles in march

The prince moved to Los Angeles with his wife Meghan, the duchess of Sussex, and their son, Archie

“We fell into the conversation, and then we would meet for tea… My instinct was to protect her. We talked about everything under the sun. She loved the music.

Harry, Meghan, and Archie moved to Los Angeles in march, at the time of the outbreak of coronavirus, led to blockages throughout the world.

The young family lived in Canada, but flew to California to install his new home shortly after that the canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau announced its intention to close the u.s.-canada border to help stop the spread of the virus.


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