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Prince Harry has accelerated his spending as Meghan Markle’s due date approached, a book-investigation looking into the split between the Cambridge, and Sussexes claimed. This alleged change in habit by the Duke of Sussex is one of the main reasons for the flaw, Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett, the authors of Royal War family members, wrote.

They say the once enthusiastic pub-goer Prince Harry turned obsessed yoga after the Duchess of Sussex’s meeting in 2016.And, with Meghan, he has spent large sums on a lifestyle showbiz, conflicting with the image portrayed by other senior members of the royal family – including the still modest Queen.

This new expense has caused concern in the Royal household, the book, published by Skyhorse Publishing added.

The authors said, “Harry transformation is revealed as one of the fundamental factors behind the deep crack that opened between him and his brother, Prince William.”

Among the expenses listed by the book, the authors are acupuncture sessions, aromatherapy, massages, maternity clothes and the renovation of Frogmore Chalet.

Prince Harry and Prince William (Image: GETTY)

prince harry, prince william rift meghan markle pregnancy royals during the book war

Meghan Markle wearing a Dior dress in Morocco (Image: GETTY)

Prince Harry is said to have started to change from his old way of life, in preparation for his marriage in May 2018.

A few days after Meghan and Harry’s wedding at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, Disaster Times declared Harry “wanted to try acupuncture as part of a recent road health trial.”

The report added that, in early 2018, he had started cutting down on alcohol and hitting the exclusive KX gym in Chelsea, west of London.

Both claimed both the Duke and the Duchess had begun attending regular sessions at the popular acupuncturist Ross Barr.

A 45-minute celebrity acupuncturist session costs between £ 90 and £ 120.

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prince harry, prince william rift meghan markle pregnancy royals during the book war

Prince Harry and Prince William in Windsor in advance of the Sussexes wedding (Image: GETTY)

Acupuncture is one of the expenses cited by members of the Royal family during the War of the Authors.

And according to a Sun article published in April 2019, the practice can cost as much as £ 6,200 there, over the months Meghan and Harry have lived together in England.

Between Prince Harry and Meghan fresh before the birth of Archie Harrison, it is also widely reported ‘babymoon’.

Meghan and Harry said they enjoyed a three-night stay at Heckfield Place, a luxury spa in Hampshire.


prince harry, prince william rift meghan markle pregnancy royals during the book war

The renovation of Frogmore Chalet cost € 2.3 million (Image: GETTY)

prince harry, prince william rift meghan markle pregnancy royals during the book war

Sussexes and Cambridge, Christmas Day in 2018 (Image: GETTY)

The lavish hotel rooms can cost up to £ 10,000-a-night.

The Sussexes’ break can cost up to £ 33,000, according to The Sun report, after factoring in additional costs for their stay protection agents and the possible choice of undertaking natural and holistic wellness treatments while than in Hampshire.

Before Archie’s birth, the cost of the Cabinet Maternity Question was brought into the limelight by book sources.

These included outfits worn during royal visits and a tour of Australia in October.

prince harry, prince william rift meghan markle pregnancy royals during the book war

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle resigned as a senior member of the royal family in March (Image: EXPRESS)

In June 2019, fashionable search engine Love for Sale, said Meghan wore 77 outfits in public between October and March 2019, when the Duchess was on maternity leave. The clothes were said to have a total cost of £ 478,920.

Among the most remarkable costumes worn by the Duchess are the two designer brands and high street fashion items.

In February, during her visit to Morocco, Meghan wore a Dior golden dress.

But a month earlier, on January 16, she donned a £ 25 H&M maternity frock for the visit of one of her sponsors, Mayhew.

Most notably, among claims expenses, before Archie, Meghan and Harry spent £ 2.3 million renovating Frogmore Cottage, the Windsor home donated to the couple by the Queen.

prince harry, prince william rift meghan markle pregnancy royals during the book war

Members of the royal family During the War will be available worldwide from July 15 (Image: NC)

Their in the UK has been equipped with a yoga studio, projection room, large kitchen and walk-in closets – renovations funded by the Sovereign of the Grant.

But after their decision to renounce the upper aristocracy and move to LA, Sussexes agreed with the Queen, they would be used to reimburse the cost of renovations to their Windsor home.

Next to Archie’s birth, Meghan and Harry came under fire for the choice of traveling to Ibiza and Pleasant using private jets while calling for a greener world and reducing the human race’s carbon emissions.

At a press conference in The Netherlands, during which he launched a platform for sustainable tourism, Travalyst, Prince Harry defended his decision to use private jets for his holidays to protect the family privacy, adding that he steals commercial flights, “99% of the time.”

It was later revealed that singer Elton John provided the Sussexes with his private jet for their trip to France.

Kensington Palace did not comment on the allegations made in the Royal War family.

Members of the Royal Family at War, will be available online and nationwide, July 15.


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