Premier League chiefs enter into dialogue with government to allow fans to play


The Premier League has taken the first steps to allow fans to participate in matches.While the clubs have approved the Restart project and are now preparing for the first round of next week behind closed doors, formal discussions on the return of spectators are already underway.

Premier League officials, as well as leaders from other major sports, have met with government and medical officials to begin studying the possibility of letting supporters return to the field.

La Liga President Javier Tebas said he even hoped the stadiums would be 10 or 15 percent occupied by the end of the Spanish season.

Considering that the UK is behind Spain in the fight against the pandemic, this may not be a realistic goal for the Premier League.

Discussions on fan return to the pitch are ongoing

But even if fans do not enter the Premier League until the end of this campaign, the news that it is already officially being discussed reduces the prospect of playing the 2020/21 season behind closed doors.

The initial conversations also give the Football Association hope to have some sort of crowd for the FA Cup final on August 1.

Allowing certain spectators to return would depend entirely on government approval and the smooth restart of the Premier League.

The final and thoroughly detailed protocols were presented to the clubs and received full support.

Players will be required to present an electronic medical passport – which shows their Covid-19 test history – and be subjected to a temperature check before being allowed on site.

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The absence of sputum, nose clearance, handshake, cuddling and high-level directions was reiterated to players, managers and backstage staff.

There will be drink breaks in the middle of each half but players will have their own labeled bottles.

Getting to and from games has been a big part of the protocol discussions, and for long distance travel, the Premier League encourages clubs to travel by plane.

Some clubs have already considered chartering larger planes for travel, and the Premier League has been in contact with airports to facilitate transit for their teams.


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