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A positive case through 1 541 tests in the ninth round of tests

Last update: 18/06/20 13:13

The Premier League has confirmed having received a positive test for the coronavirus in the last phase of the test mass.

In total, there were 1 541 tests were carried out during the ninth round of tests in the Premier League, which took place Monday and Tuesday.

The player or the member of the staff of the club, who is revealed to be positive will now have to isolate themselves for a period of seven days.

Since the players have resumed training contact in the last month, tests were performed twice a week and the league has seen a total of 17 positive in nine rounds of tests so far.

R1 – Six positive after 748 tests. Published on may 19,
R2 – Two positive after 996 tests. Published on may 23,
R3 – Four positive after test 1008. Published on may 27,
R4 – Zero positive after 1130 tests. Published on may 30,
R5 – A positive after 1197 tests. Published on 3 June
R6 – Zero positive after 1195. Published on 6 June
R7 – A positive after 1213 tests. Published June 10,
R8 – Two positive after 1200 tests. Published on 13 June
R9 – A positive after 1541 tests. Published on June 18,

Marco Stiepermann of Norwich City was one of the two positive cases of the 1,200 tests carried out through the Premier League at the eighth series of tests, which was published on Saturday, 13 June.

The midfielder, 29-year-old, who has remained asymptomatic all along, had played the victory in the friendly behind closed doors 2-1 against Tottenham the day before.

Stiepermann has since been allowed by the Premier League to resume training.

Marco Stiepermann of Norwich City has since registered two tests for coronavirus-negative

Marco Stiepermann of Norwich City has since registered two tests for coronavirus-negative

He is immediately isolated for seven days, according to the directives of the government and seemed to have been ruled out of the match in the Premier League for Norwich against Southampton this Friday.

However, while it was isolated, Stiepermann has undergone two additional tests, both returning negative results enabling it to resume group training on Thursday.

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