Poland invades accidentally the Czech Republic in a “minor misunderstanding” : NPR


You’d be forgiven for not knowing that the Polish army has recently invaded and briefly occupied the territory in the Czech Republic. It looks like new, of course – but it seems that even the Polish troops did not know what they were doing. A spokesman for the Czech ministry of foreign Affairs confirmed Saturday to NPR that ” Polish soldiers have mistakenly deterred our citizens to go to a church on the territory of the Czech republic, near the border to Czech and Polish “.

The Czech authorities claim that the incident occurred at the end of the month of may near a small village known under the name of Pelhřimovy, just the other side of the border of Poland. They added that their diplomats had immediately informed their counterparts in Polish and that the Polish soldiers were found to be “more” present on the site, that the nationals of the Czech republic can visit as they wish.

The Polish ministry of foreign Affairs has confirmed the incident while contradicting the assertion that it has been officially notified. Neither the ministry nor the embassy of Poland in Prague have not been officially informed about it, said a spokesman with NPR.

“According to our information, the matter has been discussed by the authorities responsible for the protection of the borders on the sides-Polish and Czech,” said the press office of the ministry in a press release. “In the spirit of good relations between Poland and the Czech Republic, we believe that it was only a minor misunderstanding that was quickly cleared up. “


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