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Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid welcomed Professor Kehinde Andrews and journalist Tom Harwood to Good Morning Britain today to discuss whether the controversial historic statues should remain after the statue was removed from the plantation and the Robert Milligan’s slave in London, following Black Lives Matter protesters who knocked down an Edward Statue from Colston. In a debate over whether the Lord Nelson statue should be removed and, if so, whether the Nelson Mandela statue should also be shot, Andrews compared Hitler to Winston Churchill.

Morgan asked, “Would you aim for Lord Nelson and, by the same logic, would you target Nelson Mandela?”Andrews rejected the idea of ​​destroying the statue of Mandela before addressing an earlier argument between Harwood and Morgan over whether he would have agreed to have the statues of Hitler destroyed.

Morgan retorted: “I consider Mandela and Churchill to be the two greatest people in my life. I had the pleasure of meeting him, he was a remarkable man and he came out as a man of peace but he went to prison like a man who advocated violence for political ambitions and he admits to having done that .

“My point is that you can build a negative on Mandela as you can on Churchill and the others, where’s the line?” “

Explaining his argument, Andrews said, “I just want to really emphasize it; the two people you mentioned – Winston Churchill and Lord Nelson are both famous for what?

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” Violence! I mean, levels of violence that are all comparable to the small amounts of violence committed by Mandela. “

He continued, “The bottom line about this is, what is the story that we want to remember, the statues are not about history – you don’t learn about history by walking down the street, you learn the history of schools, etc.

“Which version of the story do we want to present and do you want a version of the story that is slave traders, settlers, fascists – is that what you want in your public space?

“This is the debate we are having and I think it is high time to get rid of these statues – however we get rid of them – these campaigns have been going on for years and sometimes to make an omelet, you have to crack eggs. “

“Would you like to get rid of the Churchill statue and then Kehinde?” Morgan asked.

“Look, Churchill certainly did good, but let’s be honest, Churchill is also responsible for the deaths of millions of black and brown people. Churchill was a eugenicist, ”added Andrews.

“In fact, Churchill and Hitler would probably have agreed on a lot of things about racing. “

Interrupting, Morgan said, “Come on, that’s the problem, we’ve had this debate before and you don’t lose me, you lose the British public to try to equate Churchill with Hitler is deeply offensive to people. “

Andrews said, “This is one of the things about Nazi racism, eugenics, the University of Central London, where they will soon tear apart their statue. Churchill believed in eugenics and these beliefs that led to the extermination of the Jews were not so different from the beliefs that led to the enslavement of us that they can come from the same place. “

Interrupting, Morgan said, “I have to defend Winston Churchill, when this country was threatened with its greatest threat to civilization we have ever had, of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and when it seemed like the odds were insurmountable, he was almost singlescoffed at this country to defeat the most racist person ever. “

“This is why I told you that you can also paint a negative picture of the early life of Nelson Mandela, many people have done it. I don’t equate them, but if you’re going to equate Churchill with Hitler, you make an equivalent which I find offensive too, “added Morgan.

Those watching the discussion at home went to Twitter to express their own views on the matter.

One said, “If you cannot accept that Churchill has racist views and made comments in favor of eugenics while doing a great thing in the fight against Hitler, then you are very blinded. All of these things can be true at the same time (and they are) #GMB. ”

Get this silly teacher to compare Churchill to Hitler. #GMB. Someone else wrote.

Another added: “Just argument until he compares Churchill to Hitler .. absolute idiot #gmb. ”

Wow, that guy comparing Churchill to Hitler .. @piersmorgan is right when he says it’s offensive #GMBWrote a spectator.

Someone else said, “To be clear, in the mind of Britain, Churchill was not a racist, he just did and said racist things #GMB. ”

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