Piers Morgan bans boycott of GMB MPs “until September” as he welcomes notes – The Sun


PIERS Morgan told government ministers to continue boycotting Good Morning Britain because their scores are better than ever.

The GMB presenter previously angered that the Prime Minister and cabinet members had stopped participating in the ITV show due to his aggressive interview style.

Piers Morgan boasted of Good Morning Britain ratings and criticized boycott of MPsCredit: ITV
  Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid tore government apart for boycotting the show4
Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid tore government apart for boycotting the showCredit: Rex Features

However, after an interview with Conservative MP Caroline Nokes, Piers and Susanna tore the government apart for continuing to boycott the show.

Piers said: “Interesting to see how many Conservative members say,” Resume the program, it is pathetic. ”

Susanna agreed, adding, “In fact, it is a breach of duty to our viewers and your constituents. ”

Piers then boasted, “And of course we don’t care. Our grades have never been higher. Literally never again.

  Piers Morgan interviews Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani4
Piers Morgan interviews Trump’s lawyer Rudy GiulianiCredit: ITV

“The fewer ministers we have, the more people there are. Maybe don’t rush. Maybe we will see you in September. ”

Susanna then declared that her bragging was a bit “Trump-esque”.

Piers bragged about his Instagram ratings last week despite Ofcom’s boycott and complaints.

By sharing a photo of him alongside Susanna, he captioned the image this morning: “BREAK: Hello Britain had its highest audience rate yesterday: 27% audience share, with a peak at 32%.

  London mayor Sadiq Khan will not boycott the show4
London mayor Sadiq Khan will not boycott the showCredit: Rex Features

“The longer the government boycots us, the more people listen. We will continue to challenge them in their cowardly absence. Thank you for watching! ”

Most recently, Good Morning Britain launched 125 complaints after a guest swore – and Piers refused to apologize.

Famous hair stylist Adee Phelan appeared on GMB to discuss raising money for NHS nurses battling coronavirus, but exploded in government, saying “they need to get their things in order.”

Piers addressed his swearing-in but refused to apologize and said he “understood” his guest’s rage.

Just hours after Piers’ fiery clash with MP Tobias Elwood over the government’s recently announced sexual ban, Ofcom received 30 complaints.

The break-in came a day after the government put in place lock-in guidelines that include a clause that completely prohibits two people from separate homes from meeting in a private location.

Then, after a week-long break, last Monday, he was hit by 76 complaints when he returned.

So far this year, Piers has accumulated more than 4,000 Ofcom complaints.

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