Piers Morgan argues with Rudy Giuliani on live TV


The two were staunch supporters of President Donald Trump: Morgan often writes favorable editorials about Trump. Giuliani is the President’s personal lawyer. But their views diverged on Thursday.

The interview went south four minutes after the 13-minute interview when Morgan questioned Giuliani on Trump’s tweet “when the looting begins, the shooting begins” in reference to national protests against police brutality. (The controversial tweet was hidden by Twitter for violating its rules against the glorification of violence.)

Morgan urged Giuliani to explain why Trump used the quote, to which an increasingly agitated Giuliani replied, “It’s not inflammatory, that’s right. “

“You seem to be completely barking mad,” said Morgan. “You lost the intrigue. “

Giuliani then turned the argument more personal, saying that he “really knew” why Morgan’s former CNN show had been canceled with a phrase that looked like “f – ed up” or “sucked up”.

Giuliani later in the interview denied using profanity, but did not say which word he used that might have seemed to like him.

Morgan organized his eponymous show for three years on CNN before it was canceled in 2014.

Morgan said that Giuliani had gone “completely crazy, you look disturbed and you are violent.” Giuliani replied that he had lost all respect for Morgan and said that “everyone in America knows that you are a failed journalist”.

“You came here, you were rude and violent,” said Morgan, trying to end the interview. “You seem disjointed. You use profanity and you were someone I admired. “


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