Piers Morgan and Rudy Giuliani have an absolutely furious argument about who is the most discredited


Piers Morgan and Rudy Giuliani woke up Britain on Thursday morning with an absolutely furious argument about the reputation of who has collapsed since the peak of their respective careers.

It’s quite difficult to call. Morgan was fired as editor of one of Britain’s largest newspapers in 2004 after publishing fake photographs of British troops urinating on Iraqi prisoners, and his program CNN Piers Morgan Live was deleted in 2014 due to extremely poor ratings.

Giuliani, meanwhile, has been reduced to being appointed Time The magazine’s 2001 personality of the year to cry out on Trump’s conspiracy theories on any cable news channel that is always ready to take the risk of broadcasting its incredibly unpredictable stream of consciousness live on TV.

So maybe Giuliani appears on Morgan’s Hello great britain Thursday was always going to be that. After questions about George Floyd’s protests and President Trump’s inflammatory tweets about them, the interview broke out in what can only be described as a miserable spectacle with two losers.

Morgan was the first to seemingly lose patience with his guest, saying to Giuliani, “I’m sorry, but you seem to be completely barking mad, do you know that?” You have lost the plot and it is sad to see. “

It was really a red cloth for a bull. Giuliani, so angry that he barely could say, retaliated: “You are the one who got kicked out of TV here because you had ratings of about two … I know what happened to your show here Piers and I remember the mistakes you made and I remember how you [inaudible] up. “

Since the clip was widely shared, there has been controversy over whether Giuliani said “fucked up,” “sucked,” or “drunk.”

The hosts believed it was the first and apologized for the apparent curse of Giuliani, which he denied.

The mayor of New York continued without being discouraged: “Don’t give me this stuff, I know who you are, you can say whatever you want with me, but you defame my president and you help create the violence in this country. “

Morgan, who was clearly upset by personal friends over his beloved CNN show, then replied to Giuliani: “When I interviewed you, you were an intelligent and reasonable man and you went completely crazy and you seem disturbed. You are violent and it’s really sad to see what happened to you. “

Giuliani, sensing that he had found Morgan’s weakness, entered: “It is really sad to see how your career imploded in the United States, Piers. If you think I have respect for you after that, or maybe you don’t care, but everyone in America knows that you are a failed journalist. “

That was it – Morgan was tired of talking about his past failures and tried to end the interview. “You came here, you were rude and violent. You look unbalanced, you used profanity and you were someone I admired, “he said.

But Giuliani wasn’t finished – he wanted to make it clear that he didn’t use blasphemy live on national television. “What profanity did I use, liar?” ” he said. “I haven’t used any profanity … You tell me the profanity I used. That’s exactly what you’re doing to President Trump, it’s shameful. “

Giuliani was cut and the two men likely continued to enjoy the rest of their lives, both believing that the argument did not make them look ridiculous and that they had absolutely, definitely won.


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