Peter Andre, son Junior left covered in blood after suffering a terrible accident


Peter Andre, son Junior suffered a nasty accident which left blood streaming from his thumb.The 15-year-old took to social media to share a clip with his fans who made the terrible injury, the 23 June.

Junior, who is the son of Peter and Katie Price, appeared to downplay the significance of the injury, but noted that the cut was ” wide enough “.

In the two social media stories, Junior filmed his thumb and urged that ” the spectator warned.’

In the clip, his thumb was wrapped in casts, but a trail of blood can be seen at the back of his hand.

The teenager then reeled off a long speech about his thumb, but did not reveal how he had done it.

Junior shared a clip bloody who presented his thumb bloody

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“Right guys, I’ve split my thumb open. It is not even that deep, I want to say no, this is deep… the cut deep enough but it does not have depth, ” he says.

Junior seemed to indicate that the wound was deep, but it was not too impress by it.

It seems that Junior has not been too affected by his bloody thumb and then answer a series of questions about social media from his fans.

Junior suffered a nasty accident after cutting his thumb

The teen didn’t seem too impressed by his nasty cup

Junior is a nasty injury, came just days after the young man has reaped the praise of his father to celebrate father’s day.

In his latest social media post, Junior shared an adorable back snap to the sides of rock at the side of a touching message in honor of his father.

During the lock-in, Junior and his sister the Princess, 12 years old, live with their dad, his wife, Emily, and his two half-brothers, and sisters Amelia, six, Theo, three.

Junior shared a cute snap with her dad

Emily recently revealed that she had struggled against the deadly virus, but they decided to keep the information hidden from the children.

During his illness, the doctor was forced to self-isolate away from her family, as she struggled against the virus.

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