Penn Badgley Reacts to Allegations of Sexual Assault Against You Co-Star Chris d’elia


Penn Badgley speaking on the recent allegations made against his You co-star, Chris D’elia.The star of the series Netflix has said The Los Angeles Times podcast Can’t Stop Watching he felt that he was “very concerned” by the allegations of Elia was sexually harassed and cared for underaged women. He explained that Elia’s alleged actions speak to a larger “systemic” issue, which also leads to the question of whether You is causing more harm than good for its viewers.

In the series, Penn plays a charming murderer named Joe Goldberg, who struck up a friendship with a comedian (Chris d’elia) who sexually assaults young women who seek his professional guidance. The irony of Elia’s alleged actions mirroring that of his on-screen persona was not lost on those on social media, or escape to Badgley.

“I’m also thinking about how to somehow not of the idea that a show like ours would have indirectly, without the desire to be a refuge for people who are violent, it is disturbing. It is very worrying, ” he said. “What should we do to change this? Because this is not only the empowerment of individuals. There must be a change in culture and attitude so that this kind of behavior is so clearly objectionable, it is, therefore, clear, as, anti-human “


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