Pearl Jam do you Remember the tragedy of the Roskilde festival in 2000: “Nothing has been the same since”


Pearl Jam have paid tribute to the lives lost during the 20th anniversary of the tragedy of the Roskilde Festival.

Rock legends of Seattle shared a moving article to mark the 20th anniversary of that fateful day, when nine young men were crushed to death during their set at Roskilde, which was held near Copenhagen in Denmark.

“A normal day of festival … shows 5 hours ahead. Wait for your slot. I can hardly remember … “, we read in the post. “Sunny, I think. Lou Reed has been playing, I think. Then the rain and the wind. But nothing has been the same since. ”

A clip accompanying this nine flames on a black background, the soundtrack, an excerpt live from “Love Boat Captain” Pearl Jam, a song from 2002 in which reference to the tragedy.

In the live cut, frontman Eddie Vedder adjust the words to reflect the passage of time: “I lost nine friends that I know… each day. And if our lives became too long, it would add to our regret? ”

Eight young men, aged 17 to 26 years, were suffocated in a crush of a crowd when Pearl Jam got on stage at Roskilde 2000. A ninth man died five days later at the hospital.

Vedder and Co. were sorry to the aftermath of the disaster, who was also 43 wounded. The members of the group have even proposed to split the group.

Subsequently, several investigations have been conducted, but no charges have been filed. A first report published in December 2000 revealed that a “chain of unfortunate circumstances” had caused the death, because a weak sound in the back had encouraged the spectators to move forward.

A second survey, published in the summer of 2002, revealed that ” there was no reason to presume that something punishable has been committed “.


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