Paul Heyman “had to go”, USA Network Indifferent, merchandising frustrated


As news of Paul Heyman’s dismissal through the creation of WWE last week continues to spill over into the wrestling world, and new information on why he was removed from his position as Monday’s executive director Night Raw remains to be discovered. On this week’s edition of Best Rope Nation Pro Wrestling Podcast (hosted by Ryan Droste of ComicBook), certain exclusive information has been revealed regarding Heyman and his reputation when he was in charge of WWE Raw, as well as the reaction of the USA network to his dismissal.

A source close to the WWE creative team said Heyman “had to go.” According to Top Rope Nation:

“The quote I got was that he had to leave, which is pretty strong … we heard that there was a long list of issues that led to this withdrawal. And the key is that most of them focused on poor communication. perceived, I must say, as poor communication on the part of Paul Heyman and / or being difficult to work with. ”

Various sources had previously reported that the USA Network had been disappointed when it learned that Heyman had been dismissed from the Raw creative team. This report has gained popularity in recent days on the Internet. However, the podcast noted that the rumor was almost certainly not true and exaggerated.

“So what’s really interesting about Heymans’ position is that it’s not just a creative position. People outside of WWE may not understand this, may not know it, but there is a lot of connection to the network you work for. For example, if on SmackDown, you know, when Bruce (Prichard) was just doing SmackDown, I guess he had regular dialogue with the FOX network. And Paul (Heyman) somehow had to have a regular dialogue with the United States. And it was kind of a one-way street, I guess, where Heyman was only talking to the network when they called him. I’ve seen speculation that there was an entry regarding the title 24/7, I can’t verify that Honestly with you. I’ve only seen speculation, but we know it was an idea from the USA (Network) – the title 24/7. And, you know, when you are indebted to these networks, they will feel free as they should be able to give their opinion if they are not satisfied with the ratings they get. “
“But the idea that the USA Network was, quote, not happy or anything about the removal of Heyman is almost certainly false. They just see him as another show runner fired from a TV show to them. “

Another note was that Heyman’s role as Raw’s executive director was to communicate with the merchandising team so they could prepare the goods for anyone who was going to be pushed. It was said that there was frustration within the department because they had hardly ever heard of Heyman, adding to the feeling that his exit (and possible dismissal) from this role was inevitable. There was a feeling behind the scenes with which Heyman was difficult to communicate and work.

To listen to the full podcast, with even more behind the scenes news from Heyman’s WWE release, you can listen to the full podcast on Apple and Spotify.

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