Passport rules mean you can’t travel when the restrictions are


Holidays abroad could be allowed for people across the UK later this summer as the rules are changing in Britain and abroad.Locking measures are lifted in foreign holiday resorts with the reopening of hotels, beaches and bars and tourists being welcomed again.

And the government would work on rules that could see Britons travel after June 29.

But experts have issued a warning that changes to the passport system mean you may not be able to travel even when the government updates its advice, reports The Star.

Travel expert Simon Calder has warned that millions of people may find their passports invalid after the government warned Britons not to renew theirs unless it is essential.

Normal passport operations ceased in March as lockout measures were imposed to stop the virus.

The current board states: “It takes longer than the usual 3 weeks to process coronavirus applications (COVID-19).

“Don’t apply unless you need an emergency passport for compassionate reasons, such as if a family member has died or for government business.”

Countries such as China, Thailand, Egypt and Turkey need at least six months with a passport, which means that in some cases it must be valid until next year to allow travel.

Currently, premium and fast-track services are not available due to lockdown.

Families with newborns, or first-time applicants, are particularly hard hit because obtaining new passports takes much longer than the three-week standard.

Meanwhile, over-16s who apply for their first passport are required to attend an interview.

On the government’s website, he advises: “Don’t book a trip until you have a valid passport – this is at your own risk.

“Your new passport will not have the same number as your old passport.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “Her Majesty’s Passport Office continues to process standard passport applications, but they are taking longer than usual as a result of changes in working practices to ensure the safety of staff and clients.

“We encourage those who can apply at a later date and, as is always the case, we strongly advise you not to book a trip without a valid passport.”


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