Partick Thistle demand justice on the field, not in front of the court, after the relegation


Partick Thistle will play in the third tier of scottish the next season

Partick Thistle will seek “justice” on the ground rather than in court after their relegation ” cloying “.

The club Firhill stated that he could not risk legal action six-digit cost, and would rather the promotion of the League 1 at the start of the season.

The proposal for the reconstruction of the SPFL – which would have reversed the demotions of Thistle, Hearts and Stranraer – has failed after only 16 clubs have supported it.

Thistle has demanded that the SPFL fixed a date for the beginning of October to League One.

The club feels “badly disappointed” by the board of directors of the SFPL, and added that the organisation had shown that it was “unsuitable for employment” in recent months.

“Legal action is our preferred way. However, the reality is that the cost of doing so is prohibitive for us, and that he is with no guarantee of success, ” says a press release from the club.

“We have the right to feel rage at injustice, but we must channel this anger and use that money to make our own justice in the form of a club whose only intention is to promote the next season. ”

The thistle was two points from the end of the championship, but with a game in hand, when the season ended earlier on an average of points per game in the middle of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The clubs of the second level have agreed to play a campaign shortened to 27 games, which is expected to begin on October 17.

“We can’t stop playing and the clubs of our league have shown that they are capable of playing. League 1 must start on a schedule similar to the Championship, ” added Thistle.

“The SPFL has no reason to further damage our club by delaying the announcement of our meetings during the announcement of other leagues. “

The clubs “tired” of discussions on the reconstruction – President Stranraer

The chairman of Stranraer, Iain Dougan, said that the clubs in the league below had become “tired” and that the attempts of the reconfiguration of the leagues after last season had been reduced.

The proposal for enlargement of the elite – and of promotion of the champions of the Highland League Brora Ranges and counterparts of Lowland Kelty Hearts in the lower level – was well below the 75% threshold required.

“I am disappointed but not surprised,” said Dougan. “On the lower level, a lot of clubs have just enough.

“This is already serious enough that they may not be able to resume playing without having all the different variations of reconstruction. Some people think that we have more to worry about than saving Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer. ”

Hearts has initiated a court action against their relegation and Dougan admits that Stranraer could benefit.

“We have no money for a legal challenge “, he added. “This would be the case if Hearts won, we would do a sort of piggyback on it. If something came out, we would gain probably. “


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