Paris welcomes the reopening of the tourist favorite, the Eiffel Tower, in France


The Eiffel Tower is now open to the public in the French capital.
Credit – Twitter

TOURISTS visiting France can now rejoice in the reopening of the most famous monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is now open to the public in the French capital.

However, it is best for visitors to have strong legs as they will not be able to use the elevators until July 1, to allow a safe distance between people to limit the risk of infection.

This may be disappointing for some, but unfortunately, the top of the tower is currently prohibited because the elevators that take visitors from the second to the top floor are small.

The monument can only accommodate limited numbers at the start, with masks mandatory for everyone from 11 years old.

The operator explained: “To avoid ascending and descending visitors from meeting on the stairs, the ascent will be from the East pillar and the descent by the West pillar”, and that markings have been put in place on the ground to make sure people keep their distance from each other, with “daily cleaning and disinfection of public spaces in the tower”.

The Eiffel Tower welcomes around seven million visitors each year and around 75% of them come from abroad.


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