Panthers ends partnership with CPI Security following CEO remarks on police brutality


Over the years, you’ve probably seen several TV commercials showing the Carolina Panthers’ partnership with CPI Security. Former Panthers head coach Ron Rivera and former star linebacker Luke Kuechly have become the face of the partnership over the years, but now everything has collapsed.

Earlier this week, Jorge Millares, Executive Director of the Queen City Unity organization, posted a photo on social media with an email response from CPI Security CEO Ken Gill who fell extremely unsettling and unfavorable the latest demonstrations around the issue of police violence and systemic racism.

“Please spend your time more productively. A better use of time would be to focus on the black-on-black crime and the senseless murder of our young men by other young men. Have a nice day, Ken Gill. “

Last weekend, the Panthers released a statement regarding the death of George Floyd and how the organization would do everything in its power to take a stand and be part of the change if necessary.

The Panthers stay true to their word and take a stand, which I am sure the community is thankful for. Not only did the organization end its relationship with CPI, but we also heard from several players about the support that team owner David Tepper offered as they walked down the streets of Charlotte to peacefully protest. for equality.

What do you think of Ken Gill’s comments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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