Paige VanZant says she has won more money on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in all his UFC fights combined


The remuneration of the combatants has always been a hot topic of discussion in the mixed martial arts (MMA), in particular in the arena of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). But since Jon Jones has revealed that he would leave his title as light heavyweight after a financial dispute with the UFC, the fighters expressing their grievances with the promotion have been the new standard.

The last fighter to mention the stubs of the low-paid are achieved thanks to the promotion is Paige VanZant. While “Gauge 12” don snapped, not exactly in the UFC or was not asking for an immediate salary increase, she said Ariel Helwani of ESPN she has made more money during her stint on “Dancing with the Stars” that she did in his eight UFC fights … combined.

Not to mention that she earns a lot more money on Instagram only to be hit in the face.


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