Outrage in France over protest nurse arrest


In videos posted online, the nurse was seen to be in progress against the ground by the police and, later, with blood on his face after being arrested for throwing projectiles and insults at them, police officers.Images of the event shows police restraining the nurse by holding his chest to the ground while she asks for a ventolinean inhaler containing a medicine to help treat respiratory diseases.

The arrest occurred at Paris, on the Esplanade des Invalides, paris, during a demonstration of health care workers about their working conditions on the Tuesday, June 16.

The nurse was arrested and placed in police custody for throwing projectiles in the direction of the police. It was released yesterday (June 17), after he was accused of insulting public officials as well as rebel and cause of violence against public officials.

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Arrest filmed and shared on social media

Journalist Remy Buisine has shared a video of the nurse being arrested via Twitter.

In his post, he described the arrest: “A woman in her …


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