Ontario reports slowest growth in COVID-19 cases since late March


The growth of COVID-19 cases in Ontario continued its downward trend on Thursday, falling to only 203 cases and 12 new deaths, the smallest daily increase in cases since March 28.

Five hundred and five patients recovered fully on Thursday, more than double the number of new cases.

The daily growth of COVID-19 cases in Ontario was less than 300 cases per day during the week.

There are now 31,544 laboratory-confirmed COVID-1 infections in the province, with 25,885 patients cured and 2,487 deaths.

Eleven of these deaths occurred in people aged 20 to 39, 94 in people aged 40 to 59, 657 in people aged 60 to 79 and 1,725 ​​in people aged 80 and over.

On Thursday, 131 of the 203 cases were reported in the Toronto area and the Peel area.

Most of the new cases reported on Thursday involved people aged 40 to 59, accounting for 34% of all cases.

Much of the province will move to the next stage of economic reopening tomorrow, and Thursday’s numbers are a positive sign.

The province had a record 24,341 tests the day before, producing a positive rate of just 0.8%.

16 359 other specimens were under study,

Hospital occupancy in the province also continued to decline on Thursday, with 538 patients admitted across the province, up from 580 on Wednesday.

Of this number, 120 patients were in intensive care, up two from Wednesday.

Eighty-seven people were breathing with a ventilator, one more than Wednesday.


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