One of the farmers markets favorite Toronto opens its doors today


Torontonians in search of fresh and local are in for a real treat as Evergreen Brick Works opens its outdoor market Saturday farmers today. The market, which offers the ” largest variety of local and seasonal foods of the city “, will be different from that of previous years, because the event aims to maintain the strict measures of health and safety set out by the province.

“The goal of the farmers Market on the Saturday remains the same : to work with our community and help people to make healthier food choices,” said Evergreen in a press release.

“Purchases from the same day are welcome, but we strongly encourage the online order so the experience is faster for you and our farmers. ”

It is true, customers can now pre-order their products from suppliers with individual online and pick up their items at 550 Bayview Avenue, just off the walk Don Valley in the south of the avenue St. Clear.

Alternatively, customers can move through different service providers, as they have always done, but there will be a limit of 50 visitors allowed on the market, both to maintain the detachment physics.

In addition, individual groups will be limited to the maximum size of two and masks are mandatory. Customers are encouraged to bring their own masks, but they can also be purchased for a donation to Evergreen.

For a complete list of changes that you can expect to see at the farmers market this season, click here.

The opening of Evergreen occurs on the same day of the reopening of the outdoor spaces, seasonal market Of the Saint-Laurent. This outdoor market was moved to Market Street, between the Esplanade and the rue Wilson, in order to allow the detachment physical, and will run until approximately November 14.

Mayor John Tory has qualified the openings of the various farmers ‘markets of Toronto” a good sign “.

“We want people to be here to support the farmers. It is good for food security. We want people to sponsor these (markets), and we want people to take advantage of the opportunity to have fresh food that is so important for good health in the city beyond what we are doing to combat the pandemic “, said Mr. Tory.


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