‘Omar et nous’ receives 3 grand prizes in France


The Turkish feature film “Omar et nous”, co-directed by Maryna Er Gorbach and Mehmet Bahadır Er, received three major awards at the 10th Southeast Europe Film Festival (SEEfest) in France. The latest distinctions from which the 2019 film benefited, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and shot in partnership with TRT, include the SEEfest awards for best film, best screenplay and best actor, with the performance of Cem Bender. The festival was held online in France this year from June 2 to 7, due to an epidemic of coronavirus.

“Omar and us” is a story of relationships, loneliness and prejudice, asking universal questions while carrying a deep political subtext. The film focuses on Ismet, played by Bender, a newly retired soldier who has been deployed to the border region of Turkey for many years. Her son Kemal, played by Ushan Çakır, leaves for the United States in part because of Ismet’s impasse. Ismet’s wife Fetihe, played by Uygar Tamer, also wants to join her son. Ismet, who continues to live in a summer lodge on the Turkish-Greek border during the winter, finds himself in an unexpected situation. His neighbor, Sabri, brings two Syrian migrants, Omar and Mariye, who apparently saved his life. Ismet’s experience with the two Syrians will ultimately force him to face his prejudices.

The film, which has been praised at various international film festivals, will entertain audiences in the coming months. he Also expected to participate in the “international competition” of the International Film Festival on Migration and the Balkan competition at the Sofia International Film Festival later this month.


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