NY, NJ can delay the phases of reopening while Covid is experiencing a peak across the country


Mayor Bill de Blasio, during a press conference on Monday, said that the food inside seemed to be a factor in the States who knew now a rush of new cases of the virus.

“The element of dining room interior is now in question,” said Mr. de Blasio. “We will work with the State, determine how we want to approach it, if we want to put the play in pause for a certain time or the change. “

The reconsideration of whether the meal inside was another sign that New York city is far from back to normal. The theatre industry said Monday that Broadway would remain closed at least until the end of the year, and many of the producers have hinted that they do not expect that their emissions are back on the stage before the end of winter or early spring.

While New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and other North-eastern States have made substantial progress to stop the epidemic, the virus is in full swing in the States that have been among the first to reopen, including Arizona, Florida and Texas.

A number of outbreaks in those States and in others have been linked to restaurants and bars.

Epidemiologists say that eating at the interior presents a particularly high risk of transmission of the virus even if there are some precautions – spacing of the seats, ensure adequate ventilation, ensure that the employees observe the practice of strict hygiene, are taken.

“As soon as you enter the dining room, your mask comes off and you have the potential to generate aerosols not only in breathing and speaking, but also in eating,” said Krystal Pollitt, assistant professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of public Health. “It is an activity of higher risk. “

In Michigan, more than 70 cases were related to the Harper’s Restaurant and Brewpub in East Lansing. In Alaska, the Seward Alehouse has closed its doors and has been encouraging customers to get tested after an employee has contracted the virus.


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