NXT recap & reactions: Stick Around For a While


NXT is returned to us last night (17 June) from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. You can find the results on the live blog here.

Stick Around

Bayley & Sasha Banks defended their title successfully against Shotzi blackheart & Tegan Nox. It was a fun match with a clever ending that had me saying “Oh, come on, they have cheated at the end of the match.”

Canker had escaped the Banks Statement, turning it into a Mutilation of Cattle. But Bayley came into the ring with a chair, distracting the referee. When the referee took care of the president, Bayley did not simply break the submission, she positioned them so Sasha could immediately lock the Bank Statement on the back to get the win. Therefore, it was not spotlessly clean victory and Nox and Shotz look good in the process, but it was a very good heel win.

But it was the post-match angle that got me really excited.

Io Shirai came to the ring and attack the two champions, informing them that NXT is his own now. She has cleared the ring and stood tall with his title NXT. This could set up Io against Bayley, Io vs Sasha, or Io & a partner against the two. All the matches that would be a very good thing. (Io vs Sasha is the one that I most want to see.)

They should not take up too much of the NXT women’s division, but they could help raise it, with a few matches. Now, they can’t beat everyone and leave. That doesn’t help much. We have talked with a Charlotte (even though I think the Queen has helped raise Io Shirai). But a couple key matches will surely be enjoyable.

Given that NXT is doing a very good job with a large number of women currently, the Amazons of the involvement in the black and gold will not inhibit its growth compared to if they were just running the main event angles.

Highlighting the Tag Division

Breezango’s tag match against the champs Imperium was really more a showcase for the entire division.

At the end of the confrontation, the Indus Sher tried to attack Tyler Breeze, but that made Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. It directly led to a Breezango lost when Fandango didn’t understand who the legal man was in the fray.

But this was no longer a movement designed to highlight all of the division it was to serve as a major title match. No doubt, Tyler Breeze & Fandango will continue to be in the championship picture. They are too talented to be a one and done. And they are too entertaining. The entrance was gold, and their specific combination of comedy and talent is something that should not be denied to them as it is.

It is possible that they play the veterans that are used to build the rest of the division, and a young team like the Indus Sher could use it, but they definitely deserve a run with the gold at any given time. This is something that has never happened to the WWE/NXT. And there should definitely.

Big Games

NXT set up some big matches in a typical “pile of interruption” segment.

Keith Lee interrupted a speech by Adam Cole, followed by an interruption by Johnny Gargano, and then Finn Bálor. It is typical for pro wrestling trope, but the unique personality of each one of the four men made it entertaining enough.

They put up some big games of if. Keith Lee defends his North American title next week against Finn Bálor and Johnny Gargano. The winner of this match faces Adam Cole in a winner match. There is bound to be a fire match between Cole & Keith or Cole & Finn. (Johnny is great in this role, but he does turned to face Adam Cole in a high stakes game of championship.)

This also keeps Karrion Kross lurking for a little bit longer because it is too early to give him a major title program. He’ll get there eventually, and probably sooner rather than later. But it needs at least a major program before getting there.

If You’re Gonna Spew, Spew into this Ring

Robert Stone has been very entertaining.

This week, he was drunk as hell in the crowd at the Aliyah, has just been published. For some reason, she always wants to reach its mark, even if it is proven to be a complete mess. But it was as messy this week, which has facilitated the Aliyah, who picked up the victory over Xia Li after Robbie vomited on the ring.

You read that all correctly. My man was blown to pieces on the canvas.

Not only Robbie has been great, going on the totality of its collapse, but Aliyah was the fun in this story. I’ve always been critical of Palestine, in particular the fact that she has never found a trick that worked. But it is to work for it. His despair in this angle is funny, even with the Stone in the ring, leaned in to him, and told him to watch his match.

Now that Aliyah has his elusive win, what happens now? These last two losers helping each other out?

A Subtle Change

Damian Priest emptied a win against Killian Dain, the sale of a back injury he picked up after the bad ring step bump of acquisition of control.

It looks like Priest is not the heel he used to be. The angle is here, he has proven himself against Bálor, but was a little humiliated by the defeat. This week, it has sold against the great Dain until he was able to hit the Calculation for the victory. It was a good game, but nothing that has stuck with me.

This stick was the reminder that Killian Dain is in NXT. Remember when he is back in NXT and all of the world, but it would be very good for him because of his talent? Now, it is just being used as a big obstacle for the guys they want to push to overcome. This is disappointing.

Other Events:

– Santos Escobar crew, known as El Legado del Fantasma, beat the hell out of Drake Maverick again this week. The big takeaway from this stable now: They look fucking sweet.

– Velvet Dream rejected Dexter Lumis’ opening to the entire team, which was presented by a drawing of the two of them holding the titles to the left of Dream. This goes one of two ways: Dream is finally relents and they become NXT new odd couple of the team, or one of them returns to the other and it becomes a quarrel. Personally, I prefer the former.

– Roddy Strong is still dealing with her trauma of the Lumis attack, Adam Cole and Bobby Fish took him to see a therapist (who was Kyle O’reilly). They decided Strong must face his fear and goes into the trunk of a car. In what was the funniest moment of the segment, they encourage Roddy to get in the trunk, but it passes just down the street.

– Dakota Kai submits Kayden Carter. She had a little help with Raquel González of the creation of some distractions outside the ring, and fixing the terms and conditions of Kacy Catanzaro, who supported Carter in the edge of the ring, in the process. After a difficult start to Kai heel run, she was consistently picking up wins, as it should be.

– Bronson Reed literally crashed Leon Ruff before he called Karrion Kross for the next week. It is going to get his ass kicked.

It was a pretty fun episode this week:

Grade: B+

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