North Korea Warns US To “Hold Its Tongue” On Inter-Korean Relations | New


North Korea said on Thursday that the United States has no standing to comment on inter-Korean affairs and that it is in Washington’s interest to remain silent if it wants the next presidential election to run smoothly, state media reported.

The statement comes after the US State Department said it was disappointed with North Korea for suspending direct lines of communication with South Korea on Tuesday.


“If the United States puts their noses in the affairs of others with careless remarks, far from dealing with their internal affairs, at a time when their political situation is in the worst confusion possible, they can meet an unpleasant thing difficult to manage, “Kwon Jong Gun, director general of American affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Korea, said in remarks broadcast by the state news agency KCNA.

Electoral threats

The United States should “shut up” and tackle its own domestic problems unless it wants to “experience a hair lift,” he said.

“It would be good not only for American interests, but also for the easy holding of the next presidential election. ”

It is unclear what North Korea would do to disrupt the elections or cause problems for US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, said James Kim, a researcher at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul.

“If anything, there is a chance that the provocation may even rally the country around the historic operator,” he said.

After a series of historic summits in 2018 and 2019 between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, little progress has been made in dismantling North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, and Pyongyang has expressed growing frustration in the face of Washington’s refusal to relax the sanctions.

North Korea said on Tuesday it would cut its direct lines to South Korea after days of lashes in Seoul so as not to prevent the defectors from sending leaflets and other documents to North Korea.

South Korea announced on Wednesday that it will take legal action against two organizations that carry out such operations.


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