North Korea Vows to dump Millions of Leaflets and Trash in the South


They had agreed to stop cross-border propaganda, including loudspeaker broadcasts along the border, on several occasions since the 1970s. They also tried to defuse their propaganda duel after a landmark summit in 2000 in which they agreed to promote reconciliation. The two Koreas have again reached the same agreement, when Mr. Kim, Chairman Moon Jae-in of South Korea met in 2018.

But the anti-North korea activists in the South have resumed sending propaganda balloons into the North in recent years as inter-Korean relations have soured, particularly over the North’s nuclear weapons programme. The balloons worn dollar bills, transistor radios, computer usb containing South Korean soap operas, and pamphlets, which called Mr. Kim a “fucking pig” playing with nuclear weapons and a cruel to kill his own uncle and half-brother.

This month, South Korea is committed to using the police to stop any attempt by the activists to send propaganda balloons to the North. He said that the leaflets have little other than to provoke the North, and has also created the trash in the South because most of the balloons never make it across the border. Seoul is also pushing to revise the law to prohibit those tracts.

On Monday, the North said that the leaflets of the South was “an intolerable insult” to the North Koreans “the most sacred basic mental.” He said that the South Koreans would stop sending their balloons only when they saw North Korean leaflets falling from the sky and experienced, “how painful and how irritating it is to have brochures and waste.”

North Korea did not specify where it should start releasing his balloons across the border, but said that his leaflets would be the reflection of the “anger and hatred” of his people.

Over the weekend, North Korean state media published photos of brochures produced in Pyongyang. They mocked Mr. of the Moon as a greedy person who had gorged on the sturgeon, mushrooms, and other gourmet dishes during the visit to Pyongyang in 2018, but had since reneged on his promise to improve economic ties on the peninsula. Photos have also shown plastic bundles filled with brochures, cigarette butts and ashes, hair and other waste, probably ready to be dumped in the South.

North Korea has sent similar trash accrued in a balloon, in 2016, the appeal of Park Geun-hye, then the leader of the South, a “dirty ” chair,” as South Korea has turned on the high-powered speakers that blare pop songs, and harsh criticism of Mr. Kim across the border.


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