North Korea, increasing pressure on South Korea


The Northern General Staff said that military units will be deployed on the Diamond Mountain station and the Kaesong industrial complex, both just north of the fortified border. The sites, both built with South Korean funding during a past era of reconciliation, have been closed for several years due to inter-Korean disputes and state leadership -UNIS sanctions imposed on North Korea due to its nuclear program.

The North has said it will resume military exercises, restore guard posts, boost military readiness in border regions and open the front of the line of sites for the flight of propaganda balloons to Korea from South. These measures would be the end of September 2018 agreements concluded between Korea aimed at the reduction of military tensions in border areas.

Later Wednesday, the South Korean military expressed regret over the North Korea announcement and warned that the North will face any consequences if it violates the 2018 deals.

Major rank. Gen. Jeon Dong Jin at the military staff told reporters that South Korea maintains a military readiness enterprise and will endeavor to prevent military tensions from rising.

Under the 2018 agreements, the two Koreas stopped live-fire exercises, cleared some landmines and destroyed guard posts inside the most heavily armed border. Some outside experts have said that these movements have undermined South Korea, security is more than the North nuclear arsenal of weapons remain intact.

Some analysts had predicted that North Korea would use provocation to wrest outside concessions because its economy has likely worsened under the persistence of the US leadership in sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic. North Korea can also be frustrated because sanctions prevent Seoul from breaking away from Washington to resume joint economic projects with Pyongyang.


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