North Korea blew up a liaison office in the escalating hostilities with Seoul


North Korea blew up the liaison office of inter-Korean near the border of the country with South Korea, marking a sharp escalation of hostilities Kim Jong A to Seoul.

Pyongyang has also rejected an offer of south korea to send a special envoy to talks urgent and reiterated plans for its military fall in the border areas who have been disarmed after the military agreement inter-Korean 2018. The agreement was negotiated between the dictator of north korea, and Moon Jae-in, president of South Korea.

Seoul has said it will “react firmly” to new provocations, north Korean military.

About 28,500 american soldiers are stationed in South Korea. The State department urged North Korea “to refrain from new actions are counter-productive” and said he “fully supported” the efforts of Seoul to maintain peaceful relations on the Korean peninsula.

The liaison office, established two years ago in a period of reconciliation, was located in the industrial complex of joint Kaesong, within 10 km of the demilitarized zone that divides the two countries.

Companies in south korea formerly operated factories in the area, employing the manpower of the North. It is closed since January after the North Korea to isolate themselves from the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The decision of Pyongyang to blow up the institution was the latest in a series of threats from the regime of Kim. This hostility increased in response to complaints from Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Mr. Kim and a close adviser, in respect of the measures taken by the defectors and rights groups of human rights to send material to the anti-Kim in the closed country.

Saturday, she warned: “In a short time, a tragic scene of the liaison bureau joint north-south unnecessary collapse “, according to a press release published by the State media.

North Korea cut off the last week its channels of communication the most important with the military, the diplomats, and the office of presidential of the republic of Korea. This has prompted Seoul to repress efforts to send material to anti-north Korean across the border in order to improve relations.

Mr. Moon has sought closer involvement with North Korea, including lobbying for projects to help the economy. But he did not break with the regime of international sanctions led by the United States, intended to curb the nuclear ambitions of Mr. Kim.

Kim Yo Jong. to the right, the sister of Kim Jong One, a close adviser to the dictator of north korea Reuters

The negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang on the nuclear weapons program are stalled, despite three meetings over the past two years between Mr. Kim and Donald Trump, the american president.

Many analysts north koreans believe that the resumption of hostilities by Pyongyang is part of a broader strategy to put pressure on the administration to Trump to alleviate the economic sanctions crippling.

Van Jackson, a former head of the Pentagon now at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, said that the liaison office had exploded because that ” North Korea feels betrayed by Trump, and is always in need of the relief of sanctions that it believes should be “.

“But to attack the United States directly results in the risks of escalation can be avoided. Target South Korea is an aggression control “, he added.

Bruce Klingner, a former analyst of the CIA who studies North Korea, said that the explosion of the liaison office of inter-Korean was largely symbolic, since Pyongyang had rejected all attempts at dialogue in south korea for months.

“North Korea is seeking new concessions and new benefits on the part of the administration Moon Jae-in, who is looking more and more to save the relationship intercoréennes “, he said.

Analysts have also warned that Pyongyang is entered in a cycle in which it will seek to manufacture a crisis to take a step back later after winning concessions from the international community.

“North Korea has started a cycle of provocation with steps climbing. It is unlikely that it will proceed immediately to a missile launch at long range, because this would result in additional sanctions from the United States, ” said Leif-Eric Easley, an expert on north korea at the University of Ewha in Seoul.

Sue Mi Terry, an expert on North Korea at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank bipartisan in Washington, said that Pyongyang was in need of a relaxation of sanctions “more than ever, given the crisis of Covid-19” and warned that a further escalation was likely, including against the United States.

“The Kim family generally increases the pressure to make the tables of the negotiations to zero, and it is now doing to Kim Jong and his sister,” she said. “The goal is to increase the leverage when the talks will resume with an administration that Biden’s first term or a Trump at the second term. “


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